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The Truth About Sugar

Thanks to the agricultural industry and sugar experts such as Pepe Fanjul, sugar is widely available throughout the world.  Today, sugar is one of the foods considered by some experts to be very controversial in regards to health , and many people wonder about what happens to the sweet things eaten daily. According to Dr. [...] STRONG MAGNET


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New Discoveries In Breast Cancer Treatments

At a recent breast cancer symposium, doctors learned about why certain cancer-fighting drugs work the way they do. They also learned about the symptom called “chemo brain” which seems to common among women who have chemotherapy for breast cancer. More and more research is being done to further understand breast cancer.  New clinical trials are [...]


Making Sense Of Health Insurance Coverage Terms

If you’ve ever shopped for health insurance through Kaiser, Blue Shield, US Health Group or other reputable medical health insurance provider, there’s a good chance you have come across certain terms or clauses that you don’t really understand. Most people make mistakes when looking for the right health insurance plan or when signing the insurance [...]

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The Doctor’s Own Tumor

The life of Dr. Robert Pettis as a neck and surgery doctor may not have existed had he not experienced a major health crisis twenty-five years ago as a sociology major. While Pettis was in the shower, he noticed a static sound in his ear and he also experienced bad headaches. He then visited the [...]

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Mitt Romney On Healthcare and ObamaCare

Mitt Romney has spent much of his campaign talking about his disapproval of ObamaCare but it appears that he is still tight-lipped on what he would do to repeal ObamaCare or replace it with something else. This is interesting when you consider the fact that as the former governor of Massachusetts, he instituted a similar [...]

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